OnGuard Safety Eyewear-1Since our beginning in 1997, National Vision, Inc.’s Prescription Safety Eyewear Program has served more than 5,000 accounts and has provided our customers with a combination of:

    • A comprehensive selection of basic and fashion safety eyewear frames as well as plastic, polycarbonate, or glass lenses
    • Professional consultation and dispensing services provided by trained opticians
    • Eyewear adjustments and minor repairs provided to assure proper fit and alignment of eyewear
    • Orders are initiated and eyewear dispensed in our stores
    • Our Retail Stores are open 6-7 days a week, including evenings
    • High quality products
    • Convenient retail locations

The National Vision Safety Eyewear Program was designed by HR and Safety professionals to address both the employer and the employee needs for ease of administration and convenience. Our program is simple and flexible to fit the needs of our customers. For help finding a store, use one of the links above, or Contact Us for more information.